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How Much Does Painting & Decorating Cost?

The painting and decorating costs in this article are correct as of 2021

There are few things you can do to spruce up your home that are as simple and effective as a new lick of paint.

A quick spot of decoration can transform any room – or even the outside of your home – giving your property a brand new look that can be the starting point for any new style.

If you’re interested in painting your home, we’ve put together this guide on how much it costs to paint a house, so you can get started on your decoration project.

Decorator costs

Painters and decorators may charge a day rate for their services. Painters will usually charge a day rate for their labour of around £150 to £200, with prices tending to be highest in London.


Painting a single room costs

With the time it takes to paint a room typically taking two days, including preparation and a first coat, and a second coat the following day when the first has dried, the cost of painting a single medium-sized room will cost around £400 for the labour.

The cost of the paint itself will also need to be factored into your budget. The cost for different paints can range quite widely depending on the quality, colour and finish, from around £10 for 5 litres, up to £50 or more for high-end brands.

You will probably need several tins for a typical room, so factor this cost in. A decorator may be able to supply your desired product, which can make it cheaper.

Painting multiple rooms costs

If you are having more than one room painted, the price will obviously increase in accordance with the amount that needs painting.

There are usually some savings that can be made if you are having more painting work done, as decorators will be able to multitask, preparing a second room while the first is drying and so on.

To paint the entire interior of a two-bed flat would cost somewhere in the range of £1,500 to £2,500, while a five-bedroom house could cost around £3,500 to £5,000.

Additional costs

The costs referenced so far cover basic painting work – doing a base coat or simple prep work, and a secondary coat.

Removing wallpaper will add to the overall cost – and if it is discovered that the plaster underneath needs work before it can be painted, then this can add massively to the final cost – see our guide to plastering costs for more information.

Also, painting in spaces like double-height hallways or above staircases can increase costs as they take longer to do, as will specific tasks such as painting window sills and skirting boards – often costing a couple of hundred pounds per room.


Exterior paint costs

Painting the outside of your home can transform the look of your home quickly and effectively, and if you do not live in a listed property, conservation area or similar, then it is likely that you will not need permission to carry out the work.

Exterior painting can require extensive prep work in some cases, removing moss and other plants, filling any cracks, and applying a stabilising primer that allows moisture to escape the brickwork.

Painting will then typically take a couple of days work. The cost of exterior painting will depend on the size of your home – for a three bed semi-detached, it may cost between £800 and £1,200, while a larger home will probably cost more like £1,500.

You can expect to pay more if your home is pebbledashed or has a similar rough exterior, as painting this will take longer.