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Professional Painters and Decorators in Cambridge, UK

Painters and Decorators in Cambridge UK

At VICSO, our team of highly professional painters and decorators in Cambridge UK provide unparalleled quality painting and decorating services from estimation to completion for both interior and exterior of your property covering all necessary repairs to hand you over a lasting and highly maintainable home.

We understand your home is your castle. Our team will ensure your home is treated with due respect and care. We will make our presence invisible as much as possible to let you carry on with your daily life during the project and work tirelessly to hand you over your home in the agreed time. We use modern tools and employ processes we’ve tried and tested in our long experience to deliver you the finish your home deserves whilst we advise and work with you to choose the materials for you.

Painting and decorating residential aren’t equivalent to other painting occupations, as it implies you need professionals who see how to explore lighting, beautiful equipment, railings, windows, entryways and other things. Vicso administrations will help you select the best kinds and shades of paints while guaranteeing that space is totally tidied up once the work is finished.

From painting the beautiful interiors and decorating based on your lifestyle, we also provide wallpapering for your property. We will transform your space into the most unpredictable plans, making one of a kind spaces. So get ready to make your house your dream home.

How much does it cost to paint a room?

The average cost to paint a medium-sized room (3m x 3.3m) is £225 – £550

How much does it cost to paint a room?

The average cost of painting a medium-sized room (3m x 3.3m) is £350.

How much does it cost to remove wallpaper?

The average cost of removing wallpaper is £200 per room.

Appendix – Costs

Standard decorating costs

Paint a small room (2metres x 2metres) £180 £280 £450
Paint a medium room (3.3 metres x 3 metres) £250 £350 £550
Paint a large room (6metres x 5 metres) £380 £470 £630
Paint a 2-bed house or flat £1200 £2100 £2800
Paint a 3-bed house or flat £1,600 £2,900 £3,500
Paint a 4-bed house or flat £1,800 £2,900 £3,800
Paint a 5-bed house or flat £2,500 £3,490 £4,200

Miscellaneous decorating costs

Paint a room that was previously wallpapered (4.5 metres x 3metres) £700 £850 £975
Gloss woodwork in one room (3.3 metres x 3 metres) £250 £350 £500