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Bathroom Renovation and Installation in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire

Bathroom Renovation and Installation Cambridge

We work with our clients to make bespoke plans that are interesting to their taste and the style of their present property. We offer one of the best Bathroom Renovation and Installation in Cambridge. The help isn’t restricted to simply introducing another sink, toilet or shower for you, however, it incorporates a total remodel on the off chance you require it. We can examine each perspective exhaustively, from the shade of your tiles and warmed towel rails to where every component will be situated. We will likely guarantee that you will have precisely your endless supply of the task. Whatever your necessities are, our group will furnish you with a good statement and incredibly excellent help.


An experienced bathroom fitter has the skills to transform a dated suite into somewhere you can relax. The cost of refitting a bathroom can vary drastically though. So, whether you’re looking at a full refit or just want to swap out a few elements to spruce things up, use our bathroom fitting cost guide to forecast the potential cost of your project.

Below, we’ve included some things that you’ll want to keep front of mind when choosing your suite. One of the main factors to think about is that certain types of shower, bath, toilet and basin won’t just cost more to buy, they could cost more to install.

There are also accessories and finishing touches to mull over. The sorts of additions you might want included range from options such as underfloor heating and towel radiators through to improvements designed to prevent moisture and condensation problems – like an extractor fan. So call us whenever you need an Bathroom Renovation and Installation in Cambridge.

How much does it cost to refit a bathroom?

The average cost of refitting an entire bathroom is £4,580 – £15,000

How much does it cost to install a bath?

The average cost of installing a bath is £600.

How much does it cost to install a shower?

The average cost of installing an electric shower like for like swap is £450.

How much does it cost to install a shower enclosure?

The average cost of installing a shower enclosure is £450.

Your main consideration when it comes to shower enclosures will be the type of door. You could go frameless, hinged, sliding, bi-fold, curved, pivot, or even no door at all. The style you choose will depend on your bathroom. Just keep in mind that the more modern, frameless units are likely to be pricier, while conventional hinged or pivot doors are often thriftier options.

The price of shower enclosures will also be affected by the thickness of the glass. Prices tend to rise as glass gets thicker, so you’re paying more for a solid and robust feel. The typical thickness of a shower door is 6 mm or 8 mm, but 4 mm and 10 mm thicknesses are available from most manufacturers too. Often the 6 mm and 8 mm options are preferable, as the glass is solid enough so as not to feel flimsy, but not so heavy that it becomes expensive to install.

How much does it cost to install a bathroom basin?

The average cost of installing a bathroom basin is £250.

How much does it cost to install a basin tap?

The average cost of a basin tap installation is £250.

How much does it cost to install a toilet?

The average cost of installing a toilet is £450.

The price of a toilet starts at around £150. For a basic, affordable unit you can opt for a floor-mounted, low-level WC. But, if you’re short on space, you might want to go for a close-coupled toilet or one with a concealed cistern.


How much does tiling cost?

The average cost of tiling a medium-sized bathroom is £1,000 – £2500

Tile styles, sizes, finishes and quality can vary wildly. And that means the cost of tiling can fluctuate too. The main factors that steer the overall cost of the job are the surface area to be tiled and the price of each tile.

The first of those considerations is simple – the larger the area you want to tile, the greater the cost.

Appendix – Costs

General bathroom installation costs
Bath installation £300 £400 £600
Shower installation £250 £350 £700
Shower enclosure installation £250 £410 £750+
Bathroom basin installation £180 £250 £320
Toilet installation £250 £350 £500
Tap installation £150 £250 £300

Tiling costs

Tile removal per sqm £25 £30 £32
Tiling small bathroom: 16 sqm £650 £825 £1100
Tiling medium bathroom: 36 sqm £1200 £1,400 £1,750
Tiling large bathroom: 64 sqm £1,800 £2,000 £2,300

Miscellaneous costs

Installation of underfloor heating £600 £750 £1200
Installation of extractor fan £250 £300 £350
Resealing bath £150 £180 £200
Installation of heated towel rail £250 £300 £350
Remove old bathroom suite £150 £250 £350